Our Pipeline

Targeting Diseases Related to Nerve Damage

NVG-291 is NervGen’s lead candidate drug and has the potential as a therapeutic for diseases that are related to nerve damage, either as a result of injury, neurodegenerative disease, or other causes. NVG-291 is a close analog to NVG-291-R, which has been used in most preclinical models studying spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other diseases. In the literature, NVG-291-R is commonly referred to as intracellular signaling peptide, or ISP.

Spinal Cord Injury

For more information about NVG-291 and spinal cord injury click here.

Multiple Sclerosis

PTPσ and MSFor more information about NVG-291 and multiple sclerosis click here.

Alzheimer's Disease

For more information about NVG-291 and Alzheimer’s disease click here.